Want to Develop Your Professional Skills for Work?

Become a YEUK Young Professional Today!

By signing up for YEUK Young Professional membership you are joining a group of young people committed to taking control of their future. After completing an introduction to professional skills and behaviours you'll get access to a range of resources to help develop these areas for the world of work. Gain a better understanding of what employers look for in an ideal candidate, and learn how to clearly demonstrate your professional development.

What are the benefits of becoming a YEUK Young Professional?YEUK Young Professional Logo

  • Add to your CV and LinkedIn profile that you are a YEUK Young Professional
  • Our Organisation Members are committed to giving all YEUK Young Professionals job interviews if the application meets the criteria for the vacancy
  • Receive ongoing support and information from the YEUK team, as well as our youth ambassadors who have a range of experiences with employment. We will continue to add new content, and send out special newsletters with the latest content to help you continue building and developing your skills
  • Attend free YEUK events and webinars to network with employers
  • Contribute to our policy work where we influence government and employers to become more Youth Friendly and commit to tackling youth unemployment

Become a YEUK Young Professional

What skills are part of the YEUK Young Professional?

Employability Skills

  • Organisation
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • People Skills


  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Attitude
  • Presentation
  • Self-Development

Technical Skills

  • Numeracy, Literacy and IT
  • Technical skills for a specific career


YEUK Self-Development HEADER FINAL

YEUK Numeracy, Literacy, IT HEADER FINAL

Why is the YEUK Young Professional an exciting opportunity for young people?

It is time for all young people regardless of education level, background or experience to see themselves as a young professionals or at least a young professional in the making. Being professional in everything you do, the way you learn, behave, live and work is about choice. YEUK is giving all young people the chance to make that choice and commit to developing the skills and behaviours that will open up a world of exciting opportunity. By being part of this community young people can change the way society sees them and change the landscape of youth unemployment.

Why is the YEUK Young Professional an exciting opportunity for employers?

Youth unemployment has been a major problem in the UK since before 2005. Employers often say that young people do not have the skills to move into employment or understand how to develop these skills. For young people it can be difficult without the support from education or family to know how to develop these skills.

YEUK and the YEUK Young Professional programme will give young participants the opportunity to develop those skills regardless of social background, education attainment or experience. This programme will create a level playing field for all young people. YEUK Young Professionals may be in education, employment, training or even be unemployed and looking for work. What they will all have in common is that they have made a personal commitment to see themselves and develop their skills as a YEUK Young Professional.

As an employer you will be able to identify YEUK Young Professionals through their CV or LinkedIn profile. You can make an assumption that these young people regardless of academic achievement and experience have got something special about them.

Our Community Members who commit to being Youth Friendly are offering all YEUK Young Professionals guaranteed interviews where their applications meet the criteria. Are you going to join them?

Who is already supporting the YEUK Young Professional?

We have been overwhelmed by the support and passion from our network for the YEUK Young Professional programme. Organisations who like us see this as a fantastic way in creating a step-change in youth employment behavior.