The Youth Friendly Charter is a code of best practice our Community Members work to.

YEUK_Youth Friendly BadgeThe Youth Friendly Charter is built around the core principles of good youth engagement designed by young people themselves.

Our Community Members sign up to the Youth Friendly Charter as part of their terms of joining. Our Community Members are:

  • Demonstrating their commitment to supporting young people
  • Taking part in our community sharing best practice methods in youth engagement and employment
  • Able to download and display both the Charter and the Youth Friendly Badge
  • Seen by all of our young members in our Youth Friendly Database

The Youth Friendly Charter is built around YEUK's 5 Core Principles of good youth engagement:

Youth Voice – Commitment to listening to young people and to providing opportunities for their voice to be heard within a community or organisation.

Creating Opportunity – Commitment to providing diverse opportunities for young people to gain the skills and experiences they need for work and life.

Recognising Talent – Commitment to recruiting young people based on their ability, talent and potential. Understanding they are still developing and may have had limited work experience during full-time education.

Fair Employment – Commitment to removing barriers for young people to enter the workplace. Offering fair opportunities and rewards based on the role recruiting for and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Developing People - Commitment to training and supporting the development of young people, so they are motivated to take ownership and responsibility for their careers and they are equipped to progress.

Humantopia receiving the Award for Youth Friendly Small Employer 2015
Our Community Members receive practical help and guidance from Youth Employment UK on how to develop their policies and behaviors to align with the principles.  Community Members are also able to share their practice with our Community and enter our Annual Youth Friendly Employer Awards.

Become a Youth Friendly Employer today

You can become a Youth Friendly Employer by signing up to Community Membership with Youth Employment UK. Please visit our Membership Page for full benefits and details.

Once you receive your Community Membership Account Details we will send you a personalised Youth Friendly Charter Certificate and Badge for you to display within your organistation. All Community Members are listed on our Youth Friendly Employer Database and receive a wide range of additional benefits.