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Career Choices: Health and Science

Career Choices

Working with Labour Market Data specialists Emsi we have pulled together data on Health and Science as a career choice. You can read more about this here, and look out for all of our plans celebrating National Apprenticeship Week and National Careers Week here.

Health and Science

Below you will find a helpful infographic covering everything you need to know about choosing a career route in childcare and education whether you are planning on starting your own business, doing an apprenticeship or looking for entry level work .

Looking at the data:

Number of jobs in 2016: this covers how many jobs there were in this sector last year.

Forecast jobs for 2021: this gives the prediction of how many jobs there will be in this sector in 2021

Job change: this indicates the change in job numbers from 2016 to the forecast numbers in 2021

Annual openings: this covers the number of job openings there will be in that role annually. This figure incorporates new job creation and filling roles because of retirement or career changes.

Average wage: this gives the average wage across every role in this sector.

Read more about our work with Emsi here

Career Choices Childcare and Education

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